February 2020 Issue 11 - Lifoti Magazine
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February 2020 Issue 11

February 2020 Issue 11

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Check Out the Lifoti's Exclusively Published January/February 2020 Issue 11

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The new year typically brings with it a sense of renewal. A thirst for something different. a new chapter. For us, the step into 2020 carries more weight because it means we’ve reached our tenth year of operation, which, given the current climate of the publishing industry, is something we’re proud of. Across the decade, we’ve supported a broad spectrum of music, We’ve had Dj’s and mcs, pop stars and metal behemoths, indie darlings and cult producers bless our covers. But we’re entering 2020 with a first - we’ve never had a pop artist on the cover before. 

As for our pop cover star, it’s worth noting that Hayes is well known for his musical and social charity work. There are many ways to describe Eric Hayes, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to their character: Eric Hayes is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Eric Hayes does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and song in perfect unison. The voice is robust, his talent is pure, his passion is unmatched. The visionary bandleader, composer and keyboardist is, in his own way, concerning himself with reinvention. As our cover story highlights, Hayes is part of an emerging generation building on the legacy of pop and using its foundations to tell their own story. Hayes is opening up imaginations to what the music can be, and what you can say with it. 

A celebration of the past, but pushing forward with a rebellious spirit. That’s the kind of energy we can get behind in 2020. We hope this magazine provides some respite, some comfort, maybe - just maybe - some joy. well, you’ll have your comeback ready.
We also included some fresh talents like A River Runs Thru It, Heather Harvin, StunnyG, The Rev Black Flowers,  RICKY TARMAHOMED, Kwanzaa P, THIS HEART I SURRENDER, SackCity Scoota, Teazy Blood, SALIO,  Afro Sensei, MARK POLLARD STBG, J_ON_IT, Mudd Flux, THREE LEFT, MANKINDS REMEDY,  Standpoint to The Sun, FRESCO DON, Reggae Force, Sylvain, Jay Dee,  Tommy Jensen,  Poggy,  Venrez, A.C. Vini-Vince,  MZ BAILEY, Tracks B, DOC SUESS, Shannon O’Hara, AMD1, OPULENT RICHES, Mackenzie, FEAR BOUND, AtJap13, JFK, Leah B Jackson, RICK STONE, Jacobs Wonder, Madstone, Billy Racyd, Yard Of Blondes, Ken Lehnig, Kenny Sawyer, FS PROJEKT, Ryan Douglas Michelsen, The Mysterious Rex, Kevin Hyman, Mr MoreGoth, Average Joel®, Jessica shore, G9, Cross, Austin Mulka, Surreal Estate, KATYE KELLYE, Cap’n Richie, Keira Moran, N.A.S.H, OUTERGROUND, Ramon Jackson, Peso Pedro, F.L.U. (Facts Life Understanding), MISS KNOCKOUT, CapitalE1, JasonX, Adik Angel, Mr. P Chill , Night Train 357, OMEGA GT, Go10 , Slimbo, Tu Pham and many more.

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