June 2019 Issue 8 - Lifoti Magazine
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June 2019 Issue 8

June 2019 Issue 8

magazine price_20.99$
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Out Now the LIFOTI June 2019 freshly Released Influencer Issue 8

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At LIFOTI! as well, we take pride in the fact that we celebrate our efforts along with you. Every month we put together a vibrant raw talents, which brings together extraordinary musician from different countries, talking about their musical efforts and piece of arts. Our cover duo, the beautiful Rose Cora Perry, who is looking gorgeous in a new sculpted avatar with Tyler Randall, shares with us how the musical journey goes on, bring in this summer together that floral, sunny inspired kind of vibes, which always puts a smile on my face. In our other features, enjoy a rich spread of underground talents , and a talented musicians that leading the way for a perfect music setting. Like always, we have also come up with an exhaustive hip hop emcee’s guide with options in trap, gangsta rap, classic urban music and other goodies, to help you decide your interest in world of hip hop.

One of the most wonderful parts of LIFOTI is meeting people who are making their dreams happen, spreading words of encouragement or just leading other upcoming musicians. I also want to mention-if you haven’t heard me yelling it from the rooftops yet-that we are now have supports from thirteen countries who buy and subscribe our magazine, Special Shout out for US readers who putted LIFOTI on top selling charts. It really does warm my heart to see so much support from all of the LIFOTI readers out there!

Other Than "The Truth Untold" it also includes extraordinary musicians like The Strands, Natalia Essel, Cap’n Richie, Odilia Carmen, Lourdes Capall, Carley Carpenter, Katie Ainge, Megan Morrison, Natalie Redd, Andrea Vettoretti, ILONA, Wild Manes, Gen Lacroix, Orchestra Fuego, MayDay, Dallin McKay, WOUNDEDSPiRiT, Clark Ford, Sierra Marie, Heretics of Grace, JAY GUDDA, FRANKIE DOC, Mattia Balboni, Radiate, Steevo Nuissier, Timothy Laffin, LEONARDO GARCIA, Faith Head, RIC ZWEIG, Rich Owen, CaliPapi, Kittenhead, MonkeyRat, Rocky Quetel, Parksville Station, ZenToy, Bazerk, Elodie Reverie, Dia Grover, Shawn Phelps, Azwel, Scott Verville, The Perfect Wig, Truligee, WireSky, Klemntyna, ZayNAM, Madison Mueller, Derrick Hayes, Northern Borne, Will Rodriguez, Manuel Marino,  SEAN MAZUR, Jonathan Johnston, Warship, Chris Ellis, G.nome, Jack And The Other, Moran Arad, Ricci Moshir, SAD, Barnaby, High Rise Hooligan, Adam Faigen, Torrid Complex, Shannon Garcia, Jean-Pierre Gresset, Trebor, Alina Yudaeva, Gypsee Queen, Paul McGilloway, Revelstoke, Hasty Page, Joe Melillo, WILD FIRE, DjScifi, Michael Baker and many more.

It also have some of fresh hip hop emcee's ReUp843, Kayode Adebiyi, DJ LyLy, PG 13, Wiggy, Joe Ardigo, Jay Prizzy, Aaron Robinson, Nino Coke, D’MEETRI, Preech Excel, BOBBY DUNNIT,  Paper Gang, Chuck Spears, Genious Hardcore, LiL$uav, Lil Chase, A-natural,  ShaoDow, Apex Kalm, Andrew Anderson, Jae Starz, Saxy Rachel, Septimius the Great, Ponti, DenZe, Yung Dullah, Jordan Eugenio, Kendrick Sales, MR COME, M.E.E.C.H, C.K.G, OG Mambo Fresh, Allboutcash Cutthroat,  Homiletix, Mickey Da Don, Bassassin, LORD, Frank Deno, Max Macpherson, Dirt Road Sunset, 50 Capone, Theorious Niza Gnight, Lil Quazzy, Bob Donaldson, Charles ‘Kizzo’, Craig Tatum, Jay Gunna, Lee (It’s Poon), DEVON, Dub Side Dan, White Widow, Daniel Sapphire,  L-Nellz, KingSquad and SixONE.

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