September 2019 Issue 9 - Lifoti Magazine
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September 2019 Issue 9

September 2019 Issue 9

magazine price_25.99$
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Check Out the Lifoti's Exclusively Published September 2019 Issue 09

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A good print magazine should give its readers a jolt of excitement every single time they see a new issue, and it needs to be edited by people who are grateful for the attention of everyone who picks it up. if a publication isn’t like this, then it’s probably not worth the paper it’s printed on. The role of music journalism is often debated in an era when artists can communicate directly with their fans and it takes less time to locate an album stream than it does to read the first paragraph of a review.

Good writing arouses intrigue, it can enhance your emotional connection with music or art and it often provides the immense satisfaction of seeing a thought or feeling that you can’t quite articulate written down with precision and wit. And when an artist is represented with exciting design and photography, their aesthetic world is extended. That’s the kind of publication we want Lifoti Magazine to be, and actually think we reached that standard a long time ago.

Especially sentimental about the many fearless artists who shape the identity of this magazine. Culture firecrackers intent on blowing up binaries and more than a handful of legends along the way. the stories most meaningful to me are those which celebrate the creative visionaries overlooked by the mainstream. Those who use their voice to poen up vital conversations. Artists who see music as a lens through which to view our world, and at the same time dare to imagine new future. In a cultural landscape so informed by the familiar, new ideas are more important than ever. Increasingly, today’s musicians are prising spaces open for more voices to flood through. One woman committed to these ideals is Megan Morrison. Having hacked with pains and troubles, this year her debut album has been fully realised. It’s been a wild ride. As she unpacks in our cover story, she’s pushing her vision into the future with such intensity that she can barely catch her breath. That’s the spirit And apology for the issue that reached you later than usual. Actually we suffered a technology breakdown, which shut all our servers for few days, putting all work on hold. 

We also put the articles about talented persons like John Paul Jones, Goddess Cre, Aaron Downs,  Agnese Della Porta’, Art Carter, V-HAJD, Doc Attridge, John Eason, Phoenix Lord, Laz Lore, Dean Burnett, Anøma Lee, Complicate Simple band, Hector Ward & The Big Time, DJ Martino, iZ(e), Mutual Territory, THE VIOLET MINDFIELD, Cutthroat, Jupiter Virus, VOODOO ANGEL, RexRed, Antonio Enrique, OPHIE, Poofy Man, Tiger Dek, Keto No Meigo, Sweet Davis, Secondhand Habit,  Ianne Lloyd, BONSCHE, A Good Rosé (AGR), IronClad Alibi, The McBastards, George Flyer, The Como Brothers, Emily Cole, Brendan Cavanaugh, Terry Carroll, Jason Baker, Siggie, Phillip Saenz, Josiah Kinlock, Asher Knight, MICHAEL ZARET, After The Millennials, Kim Petrarca, Sarantos, Ric Gallaher, Tone Martel, Adik Angel, Craig Anscombe, Mantis And The Prayer, Band Interview, Monsterboy, Sergey "Grey" Lisin, Paul Barsom, Intro_P, Rhetoric Vendetta, Cheyenne Reynolds,  Annika Bellamy, PaperSailor, Wild Horse, Kikaterremotodj, Aelish, Sangreal, The Roomfull, AV Super Sunshine, Moonlight Drive-in, Jessica Leia, Love’s Tragedy, Mike Szafarowicz, Through It All, DaBeautifulKey, Bryant Carter, John Carney Diaz, Hosemen, The Infamous CrackHead, Crash House Saloon, Destiny Siile, Travis Lawlor, Izee Maze, Milan Kitanovic, Dwayne Wegley, Speirosmusic, Fractalverse, Stefano Pesapane, Mike Schwartz,  Samantha Paige Lucas, Nothing’s Permanent, Harmony and Brad, Mary Jayne, Tara Kye Maines, Dark Knights Of The Soul, Dagavaq, India Dupriez, IndiviDúo, Spike Polite & Sewage, Anna Lichtenberg, Alessia Raisi,  Overseas Love Crisis, Jordan Paul, The World Over, Gia, The Real Fugitives, Mill’s End, ELEMENTS OF STYLE, STAT1STICK, TATE, Down For Days, Iradina, People Of The Paralle, Dreamsense,  CP Fletcher, Shena Samone, Wriddyl, Chike The Promise, T-Roc, Sharon Hayes, El Hueso, John Carr, Kido Stony, Sizwe Mongadi, Mol-ka, Dave Duval, One Son, Benjiphonik, The Refuser, Shameless Rob, TullyXV, I-Maa-Ra,  Spencer Ammons, Bionic, Mark Durant, Harry Nagle, Jason Ensley Howe, Oksana Milles, Woody James, Perry Stevens, Dean Collins, Miss Benzo, Wendy Clardy, Day In Eternity, GÜRSCHACH, Wesley Walker, Jimmy Allen, Robert Emmet Christopher Wall, Crucial!, Gaulke, Dominique TheDreamer, ClownStick, Midnight Kahuna, Nora Maria, Motion the Gates, Taylor Dee, Cassandra B, Trema, Shimmer Johnson, Kaitlyn Mann, Jacek Raganowicz, Marshall Potts, Annemarie Picerno, Glen Foster, JordanLivinGood, Agnieszka, Infinite Smarticulls, Tokiojo6ix, Jae Henne, 2 LA, DB da ICEMAN, Deshawn White, Vior, Imran Mandani, Lo, BazzNazz, 2 Throwed Mindz,  Big Steven Bell, Mosesly, PRODUC, Dru Yates, Ebk da Kidd, Oxaï Roura, Triple D Diva,  Tahj Ace, Keith Trotter Jr, Emanuel Jacob Martin, Yan Man, Ralph Foreign, Melly3e, Rachel Righteousluv, Spectral Alien, Jokari Miller, Charmm, Brand Name, Mr Magic, Gxilla, Ivory, Jaiz, Kyro, Sir Macedonia,  Lord Kareem and many more.

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