November 2019 Issue 10 - Lifoti Magazine
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November 2019 Issue 10

November 2019 Issue 10

magazine price_20.99$
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Out Now the LIFOTI October/November 2019 Exclusively Released Double Issue 10

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Has music journalism taken a hit? In my experience, people can be guarded about putting their story in the hands of a writer. And you can see why. With our increasingly visual culture, intense online climate, and social media offering a controlled closeness to an audience, sometimes artists aren’t thrilled about expressing themselves to a stranger with words they could tap out with careful scrutiny instead. 

So it’s satisfying when an artist takes pause, and really lets you into their headspace - offering not just proximity, but intimacy. Perry Stevens is a true veteran of the music scene, and he has been in the game for quite some time. However, he recently came back after quite a few years, and he has been releasing a string of well-received songs inspired by the sounds of yesteryear but with a more modern vibe as well. But in our cover story he’s thoughtful, open and generous with his answers. Unpacking those 30 years- his come-up colliding with a short pause, and returning to the studio via “American Tango! Eternal Love!” - with journalist Maria Nicolas, you get the sense he’s reflecting on his situation in ways he hasn’t before. It’s an illuminating picture of a beloved artist easing his way back into the public eye.

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